The Lurk Gawds is a multimedia lifestyle company, established in 2012. The Lurk Gawds website conists of an online blog, soon to be released apparel and portfolio of their work. It was founded by Von Brown. The Lurk Gawds view the world differently than others. The Lurk Gawds are artists in many fields of work. The Lurk Gawds are an online website that caters to the minds of our lifestyle. Everyone lurks the web, but never had a sanctuary to fulfill all their needs. The wait is over! Here you will find it all from music, events, sports, fashion and more. The Lurk Gawds incorporates a trademark attitude, with the knowledge of street culture.

The Lurk Gawds offer the world something different. We are BIG on support. It’s similar to money, everybody WANTS it, but no one WANTS to give it. We show love to anything we respect.

More than just another blog, record label or clothing line, The Lurk Gawds is a lifestyle project that remains personal and direct, reflective of the community and culture, and dedicated to its fan base.